Quality Time With Your Dog - Part 2: It's In The Eyes

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Part 2 in our, "Quality Time - What's Missing" series. 

Part 1 (explanation) HERE

Hello again mi amores! (Pardon my rusty collage French, we're trying to be bougie!)

So here is our first tip to build a better bond with your petite pet, and it may seem obvious...but it matters. 

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Eye contact!

Just like with our human relationships, dogs respond, connect, and understand other through eye contact. 

Our buddy Caesar Milan talks about this a TON, but here, we're going to keep it simple.

Why It Matters: 

Dogs, like people, are social creatures, and where they stand in their "social circle" matters to them. 

Eye contact, and a few moments of captive attention let's your dog feel acknowledged and embraced by their "leader" - you!

How To Do It: 

  1. The next time you get home, after you dump your purse on the table, and unload your morning coffee cup...take a moment and get down on the floor with, or pick up, your fur-baby. 
  2. Look them in the face with a friendly smile. A direct stare with a stern face can be read as "uh oh, I'm in trouble!"
  3. Let them wiggle and dance, and look away, and come back to you, while keeping your friendly smile, so they can meet your eye, and then look away and wag and smile back at you.

It will be magic! 

That's all for now fur-rents. Now, go have some quality time with your fluffy little someone 🐾💗


Illustration cred: Izak Zenou - the best

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