Quality Time - What's missing? Part 1

Posted by Morgen Reynolds on

Bonjour Cheri! 

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We all love to dote on our little fur-babes don't we? There is nothing sweeter than those soft furry snuggles after a long day at work, or - better yet - setting out for an adventure together on a sunny Saturday. But, even for the most loving of us fur-parents, could we do it a little better?

We all get a little busy with life, a little tired from the demands of our day, and sometimes our pets get a little less. They forgive us, of course! But, while we are here, together, in the Petite Pet community, we are going to try and be a source of friendly, easy, reminders to help keep our pets - and us - at our best. 

So read on - the next several posts are going to be about how we can improve our time with our pets, and keep that sqaud-bond STRONG! 

See you in the next post, Ciao!



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